How to plan the perfect event!

Although 2019 has only just begun, people and businesses all across the U.S. are already filing their 2019 & 2020 calendars with plans to host unforrgetable weddings and energetic corporate gatherings. Here are some helpful tips to make you stand out to event centers and book your gathering early!

Decide on Your Budget

Whether it be a wedding, a family event, or a conference, every event planner has a predetermined budget. Sitting down early to figure out just how much you can spend on events can present you as a confident renter to prospective event centers. Note that going for the most expensive venue within your budget isn’t always the best route to success, as a smaller and more budget-friendly venue will give you more financial room for outside amenities and entertainment.

Know Your Head Count

There is nothing worse for an event than to either have a small amount of people in a massive space or a large amount of people crammed into a small venue. Your guest list will certainly fluctuate over the course of your planning, with attendees bound to either cancel at the last moment or bring more people than they were supposed to, but getting a solid general idea on how many people your event will contain will give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to early booking.

Analyze Your Needs

Is your event crew going to stay afterwards to clean up cups and dishes? Will you need to come in hours beforehand to help set up tables and chairs? How much parking is required for your group? These are important questions to ask yourself and any event planners you have in mind, as some venues may have a cleaning crew with their kitchen or catering staff. Asking these firm questions will narrow down your list of venues based on practicality, rather than just on affordability and aesthetics.

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